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Raspberry Pi fans: The WDLabs team has learned a great deal from engaging you and designing products for DIY community. We continue to investigate emerging ideas, however, and the time has come for our engineers to explore new areas. The WDLabs products for the Raspberry Pi ecosystem are now available only on a limited basis and will be discontinued. Our understanding of and appreciation for the creative Raspberry Pi community is highly valued by Western Digital and may resurface in the future.

We thank each and every one of you for your support these past three years.


WD PiDrive Compute Centre

Low-cost computer for home or school

The WD PiDrive Compute Centre has everything you need to build a Raspberry Pi computer; just add an HDMI monitor, e voila! Great for exploring different Raspberry Pi applications, this complete kit comes with easy to install starter software that will get you up in running in no time. Our software includes options to install various OS’s as well as create multiple spaces to store and manage a variety of projects directly from the included WD PiDrive.

WD PiDrive Compute Centre $109.99

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Sales in the United States only.

comes with:

  • WD PiDrive Foundation Edition 375GB
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
  • Black Square 6"x6" Enclosure
  • WD PiDrive Cable
  • 5V 3A power supply and USB cable
  • microSD card (with preloaded software)

does not include:

  • HDMI monitor
  • HDMI cable



  • WDLabs - Official Compute Centre Unboxing

SD card preloaded with starter software

Our microSD™ card comes with a custom version of NOOBS OS installer that enables booting from SD card and launching from the drive. This unique software installs Raspbian PIXEL, Raspbian Lite, and Project Spaces directly onto the USB drive, so that whether you’re a Raspberry Pi beginner or pro, we give you the essentials to dive into your projects right out of the box.

Safely manage many projects from one reliable place

The included Project Spaces software lets you create up to five work spaces to organize, access, and customize unique projects from one Raspberry Pi and WD PiDrive setup. Perfect for someone who likes to experiment with multiple projects or for a classroom environment with multiple users.

Stay organized with the easy to assemble enclosure

Using the included enclosure, protect your Raspberry Pi and WD PiDrive while keeping your components in a tidy, attractive unit.

What is Project Spaces?

Once installed, Projects Spaces replaces the need for multiple SD cards to manage different projects for your Raspberry Pi. A “Project Space” is a vanilla install of Raspbian Jessie Lite that can be used to test code or create different projects in their own isolated environments. This prevents elements of your separate projects to conflict with each other across Project Spaces. Each space has its own /boot and /root partition, so you can even have different settings in config.txt. and password protect each space for multiple users.

Learn and explore

You can create up to 5 project spaces on one drive and dedicate each space to a different OS like creating a Desktop Environment, web browser, personal network storage location, and more.

Stay organized

Easily manage multiple projects on one setup. Now you can eliminate the need to save multiple projects on multiple SD cards.

Learn to code

Can also be used in a classroom environment or by multiple users, each space can be password protected so that students can individually save and access their work from one setup.

Works with:

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