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Creator and author Floris Bos

BerryBoot is a universal operating system installer that enables multiple operating systems and applications to be downloaded to a local storage device attached to the Raspberry Pi. WDLabs is providing BerryBoot (via download and preloaded on SDcards) to simplify the task of installing and setting up software on Raspberry Pi, particularly in set-ups with mass-storage. It’s intended as an easy introduction to new use cases.


  1. Download the zip file to your computer
  2. Format the SD card to FAT32 with full overwrite and format size adjustment on. (Note: This will permanently erase all data on the SD card)
  3. Extract the zip file to the root directory of the freshly formatted SD card
  4. Insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi and power it up with the WD PiDrive connected

BerryBoot Download

File size: 48.4 MB

Release date: 03/14/2016

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